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We know what it feels like to look in the mirror and be distracted by skin imperfections, premature aging, and a flat, dull appearance. We also know what it feels like to look in that same mirror elevated into a gorgeous, confident woman. It’s time to be the ideal version of you. You deserve to be the most beautiful you, and we have the tools, experience, and passion to get you there. At Vitality Aesthetics, we get it. You want to look like you—not fake, not a stranger—simply the most beautiful you. With 10 years of combined medical and beauty experience, our expert team has helped hundreds of people just like you overcome their beauty insecurities and truly love who they see in the mirror.

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After eight years of practicing as a Nurse Practitioner in Women's Health and the Urgent Care settings, Lauren sought a new opportunity to combine her procedural skills and her love of the unique art that medical aesthetics offers. Lauren specializes in natural-looking results and enhancing your best features utilizing techniques such as lasers, microneedling with PRP and injectables. Her goal is never to make you look like someone else, just the best version of you. Lauren is passionate about enhancing natural beauty and she strives to provide personalized care and rejuvenation for every individual she treats. She is also trained in functional medicine which allows her to provide whole-body solutions for acne, rosacea, and eczema.

"Our unique differences are what make us beautiful. I never want to make you look like someone else to fit a mold. My passion is to enhance your already beautiful features to look and feel your best self".


Lauren Greener

Meet with Julie

Julie started in the medical field as an ER nurse after earning her Bachelor’s of Nursing from Liberty University in 2010. She enjoyed the fast-pace and varied experience that ER nursing provided, but she wanted to be able to do more for her patients.
With a love for art, proportions, and aesthetics, Julie fell in love with medical cosmetics. She began cultivating her medspa talents and earning cosmetic procedure certifications, and then decided to become an nurse practitioner to make the most of her passion. Julie went back to school and earned a Master’s of Nursing in 2016 then set her sole focus on medical aesthetics.
Through her work at dermatology and plastic surgery offices, Julie has extensive training and experience in non-surgical treatments, such as injectables, laser services, and microneedling. She specializes in using procedures in combination, such as wrinkle relaxers and fillers, to achieve natural and gorgeous results. 
Julie also trained with internationally renowned aesthetics expert Julie Horne. Julie has also been awarded Most Loved Injector by RealSelf, the leading online cosmetic patient community.
Julie is passionate about bringing balance to the face and helping people feel and look their very best.
“I never want to make someone look like a different person; my goal is always to help someone look like their most beautiful, confident self. It’s the most fulfilling job I could ask for.”

Nurse Practitioner and Certified Aesthetic Nurse Specialist

Julie Boice

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